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Retail Products List


Bagged Hardwoods (2.5 cubic feet):


Almond Wood

Oak Wood

Walnut Wood

Cherry Wood


Bagged Charcoal, Chips and Smoking Pellets:


Mesquite Charcoal (40lb Bags)

Almond Pizza Bits (30lb Bags)

Smoking Pellets (Apple, Alder, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan and Cherry)

Smoking Chips (Hickory 2.5lb bags)

Bone Dry Kindling 1 cubic foot boxed or bundled

SureStart Fire Lighting Squares 144 pieces

SureStart Fire Lighting Squares 24 pieces






        Bulk firewood (Almond, Oak, Walnut and Cherry) are available in cords or larger increments.

        Special sizing is available for Pizza ovens, Rotisseries and grills.


* Pricing is dependant on quantities or sizing requirements


Prices are subject to change according to availability. Stacking and cartage services are available. Delivery charges may vary, please call for a quote. Applicable sales taxes are not included in the prices listed.



**** We offer discounts on quantity orders ****